BIOM620 Liberty University Multiple Sclerosis Case Study Presentation –

BIOM620 Liberty University Multiple Sclerosis Case Study Presentation –

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This assignment will be 2 parts:

Part one is Case Study presentation of a Multiple Sclerosis

The Case Study Presentation will be based on the Case Study Paper you are writing. You may use PowerPoint or another media presentation tool of your choosing. You may want to integrate any helpful components your classmates gave in Discussion Board Forum 5 as well.

Your presentation must include:

·An introduction slide, followed by a slide for each short topic.

·No more than 3 points should be made on each slide. Each slide must contain at least 1 point, with images being used to supplement the material presented.

·The presentation should follow a logical progression of information on the topic. For example, you will present on statistics, molecular mechanisms, symptoms, and treatments for the disease.

·Following the above information, one of the two cases can be presented. The case studies usually contain lab results, which may require clarification as to why the test was performed and how the results compare to normal values. As the case study concludes, with discussion of treatments and case outcomes/prognosis, you may give your opinion of the case study, how it was investigated, and how the disease was treated.

·Experimental therapies if any.

Your final presentation must be at least 15 slides, but no more than 20 slides.

Part two is Case study paper:

The Case Study paper will include, in written form, all of the information you will present in your PowerPoint presentation. The paper must stand alone and must not make mention of the presentation, nor can it contain PowerPoint slides or images. The paper should contain a title page, an abstract (200-250 words), the text, a conclusion, and your updated bibliography page. The body of the paper (excluding title, abstract and bibliography pages) should be minimum 5 pages, maximum 7 pages in length. The fond style and size are Time New Roman 12, double-spaced, with 1 inch margin. The reference format is current Science style.

Note: use the case from chapter 17, case #17.2