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CLO3: Critically assess an organization’s characteristics that facilitate the innovation process and apply techniques used in the development, evaluation and application of ideas and concepts with commercial potential;

CLO4: Plan and implement activities which will establish an innovative environment within an organization structure;

CLO5: Analyze a company’s strategic approach to innovation management including the company culture and the role of the individuals in the process and as a result recommend strategic changes to improve a company’s innovation management.

Part 1: Discuss The Characteristics of Your Chosen Organisation. (CLO 3)

1. Describe its background

2. Describe its nature of decision-making

3. Describe its degree of innovativeness

Part 2: Analyse the factors needed for success of innovative initiatives. (CLO 4)


– Assess through a literature review the factors that are needed for success of innovation initiatives.

Part 3: Analyse the strategic management process used by your chosen company to drive innovation. (CLO 4 & CLO 5)


1. Describe the strategic forces that initiate the innovation activities at your chosen company;

2. Analyse the steps in the strategic management process used by the company;

3. Describe the measures used to determine the success of the aforementioned innovation initiatives;

4. Discuss how the KSFs identified in Part 2 are related to your chosen company’s success measures;

5. Assess the sustainability issues associated with the innovation initiatives.

*** Words count = 2000 words.

*** In-text Citations and Refrences using Harard style.