B390/MAN3322 Rasmussen SEC1 MOD5 Final HRIS Proposal & PP Presentation – coursefighter.com

B390/MAN3322 Rasmussen SEC1 MOD5 Final HRIS Proposal & PP Presentation – coursefighter.com

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Final Project: Module 05 – HRIS Proposal and Presentation

  • At this point of the project, you have identified the problem and an HRIS solution for the business. Now you want the executive team to accept your proposal.
  • Using your readings, research from library databases (such as Business Source Complete via EBSCO, Business via ProQuest, ASP: Human Resource Management Online, and eBooks via EBSCO), and your previous course project assignments with your instructor’s feedback, write a business proposal for the executive team that details the risks, assumptions, impact, etc. of the proposed implementation of the HRIS.
  • This course project assignment has two parts: (1) a professional proposal and (2) PowerPoint presentation that you would present to the Executive team to accept your business plan.
  • Do not copy and paste the papers from the Milestones. You are now finalizing and summarizing. You are applying critical thinking skills to the data you’ve collected.
  • The PowerPoint presentation should be 5-8 Pages/Slides (not counting the cover slide).
  • The proposal should be 5-8 Pages (not counting the APA-formatted cover page and references page) and will be distributed at an executive meeting, where the presentation will be presented. The proposal needs to contain research and in-text citations from at least 5 credible sources. The proposal should contain these sections:
    1. Â INTRODUCTION: A brief description of the business and current business operations, and the basics about the HRIS that is chosen.
    2. HRIS NEEDS: This section should summarize the information from Milestone Two. Explain why ABC Corporation needs an employee information, Payroll, and Benefits/Compensation HRIS. What are the advantages of implementing this type of HRIS?
    3. HRIS RECOMMENDATION: Share the vendor recommendation. You must validate and substantiate this recommendation. You need to show that this vendor is the best choice and why. This is where you include business risks, financial impact, deliverables, etc. Make recommendations that fit the needs of your analysis.
    4. Benefits/Cost Savings: Present the cost and return on investment for the proposed vendor. Don’t forget to use initial cost as well as monthly cost per employee. What is the cost savings per year for the first 2 years? What is the ROI for the HRIS? If you are unable to find out what the actual costs are, you can use assumptions based on industry averages.
    5. CONCLUSION: The conclusion is logical, flows from the body of the paper, and reviews the major points.

Submit the proposal and the PowerPoint presentation all in one zip file.