Autonomy Issue Discussion Response –

Autonomy Issue Discussion Response –

Humanities –

respond to post a&b separately
In your responses, review the scenario and autonomy issue your classmates have presented. Describe how you would respond in this situation and why.

A.) Jane Smith has been in and out of jail for drug related charges and is currently undergoing treatment for substance abuse. With Jane being in and out of jail she has no family support and has little friends that are not in jail or that have also ex substance abusers. She goes sees a counselor once a week and reports to a probation officer every two weeks. The counselor has noticed a change in Janes demeanor and suspects she might be using again. In a next session with the counselor the counselor educated the Jane of the consequences of the decision to abuse any substance since she is on probation and discuss with her if she needs any further treatment plans for future if she relapses.

The counselor must look at all the facts of the case, review the history of the case, determine if further treatment plans need to be revised, what the client wants, how the counselor can still value the client’s decision.

B.) The name of my client is Joe Blue and Joe is in need of assistance with his 13 year old son who is out of control. His son Charlie lashes out in school and also at home. He treats his 2 younger siblings with the most disrespect and is always bullying them. Joe cannot control his son considering they are now the same height and everything Joe says or does to try to get him to be respectful and to quit lashing out, turns into Charlie punching the walls or breaking things in the house. The thing is, is Joe doesn’t want to be the one to say anything to Charlie but he also doesn’t want to take him to get help anywhere because Charlie refuses and is threatening to harm himself or others if Joe does take him somewhere. The autonomy issue that affect this client, Joe, is that he is not willing to stand up to his son and take charge, or at least take him somewhere that could give him the help he needs.