Apply: Selecting sources of research –

Apply: Selecting sources of research –

Business Finance –

Refer to the “Evaluating Data Quality” learning activity.

Imagine that you are a marketing specialist at a media company. Over the past few years, you have been researching how TV viewers use mobile phones and other devices while watching TV. You want to find out as much as you can about what other researchers, experts, and commentators say about trends in this area as you prepare a strategy brief for your executive team. Specifically, you want to know how TV viewers use mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices while watching sports events. You have collected a variety of information, and now you want to evaluate the strength of these sources in terms of relevance and expertise for your research problem.

Select three sources of research from the provided list that you would use in preparing a strategy for your team.

  • White paper about TV
  • Article about Twitter
  • Scholarly journal article
  • A newspaper article
  • A blog post
  • A book
  • Wall Street Journal article
  • A Wikipedia post
  • A journal article
  • White paper

Discuss in 525 to 700 words the pros and cons of each source, as well as why the three selected sources of research are the best three to use to develop your strategy.