Answer three questions –

Answer three questions –

Humanities –

formatting is: 1” margins all around, double spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font.

One and a half page for each question. Total of 5 pages.

Question 1:

First, explain the difference between a “week” and a “work-week” and a “day” and “workday.” Then tell me, under Nevada law, when a workweek begins and ends and when a workday begins and ends. Finally, why is it important to know when a workweek and workday begins?

Question 2:

Many hospitality employees in Nevada receive tips as part of their compensation. First, in your own words, describe the difference between: 1) “tip crediting” and 2) “tip pooling.” Then, tell me if such actions are lawful in Nevada. Locate a tipping lawsuit involving a Nevada hotel/ casino and tell me what happened. Finally, do you agree with the law regarding tips in Nevada?

Question 3:

The book describes several situations where there might be a dispute regarding the necessity of paying an employee for performing tasks. An employee might argue that she should be paid for commuting time, for example, and the employer might argue otherwise. Or an employee might argue that he should be paid during his lunch break and the employer disagrees. First, identify the various situations where such disputes arise. Second, for each situation give me an example of when an employee could successfully argue that she/he should be paid. For example, when should an employee be paid for commuting? When should an employee be paid during lunch? Etc…