answer the question below –

answer the question below –

Business Finance –

Choose two topics (total) for which you will conduct internet research. Be sure the choices come from two different chapters.

For example choose basis points from Chapter 12 and Eurobank from Chapter 13.

Conduct internet research that identifies at least 2 websites that discuss or involve the topic you have chosen. Include a last page for your website references and format them in APA style.

Write a paragraph of at least 7 sentences summarizing what the website shows related to your topic. Be sure to supply citations in the paragraph (in APA format) that refer to the websites you have found. Avoid using quotes as these will NOT count toward the 7 sentence minimum.

Chapter 10

Accounting exposure

Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)

Functional currency

Reporting currency


Chapter 11

Differentiated products

Economic exposure

Operating exposure


Price elasticity of demand

Pricing flexibility

Production shifting

Real exchange rate

Chapter 12

Basis points

Corporate governance

Development bank

World Bank

Foreign bond market

International Finance Corporation


Samurai bond

Shogun bond

Yankee bond

Chapter 13




London Interbank Offer Rate (LINOR)

Chapter 15

American Depository Receipts

Efficient frontier

Global fund

International fund

Risk-return tradeoff

International diversification