Answer the following questions in 1250 words –

Answer the following questions in 1250 words –

Business Finance –

Assignment 5: Ebusiness

Read the Ducati versus Harley-Davidson Case Study in the Jelassi et all text (pg. 389).

1,250 word essay, respond to the following questions:

  1. Compare and contrast Ducati’s e-commerce strategies with those of Harley-Davidson. Where did the companies use similar strategies and where were the strategies different? What were the differences in the typical customers of Ducati versus Harley-Davidson and how did these differences impact the major decisions in their respective e-commerce strategies?
  2. How did these companies attempt to align their internal processes with their e-commerce strategies?
  3. This case was written in 2003. What kinds of e-commerce strategies do believe might be appropriate in the present day in light of the evolution of e-commerce platforms?Part 2: 6Reflect upon your own personal experiences and observations about corporate use of social media and other CRM strategies described in your readings. Develop a 200 word posting that describes some of your potential concerns about corporate activity in this area. Are there corporate practices that you believe may cross an ethical boundary?