Analytic Question –

Analytic Question –

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Directions: Answer the question below. You should provide in-depth, thorough responses that demonstrate your ability for reflective thought and critical analysis. In most cases, your answer should be at least one page in length. For each response, you will be evaluated on how well your answers incorporate course material (in addition to other scholarly sources you may wish to cite). The rubric for these assignments is available at the end of the syllabus. Please submit your document through the corresponding link in Moodle.

Module 1
– How do recent changes in computing impact consumers? Are these changes good or bad? Explain. How do they impact businesses?

What kinds of skills do today’s managers need that weren’t required a decade ago?

Search online for a recent[1] report or news article that demonstrates the impact of technology on businesses. Provide a brief summary of the article and how it relates to the course material in this module[2].

Cite material from your textbook in addition to the videos. All cited information and references must be in APA format

[1] Published within the past month