Alternative water supply – single project case study –

Alternative water supply – single project case study –

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Alternative Water Supply Sinale Project Case Study Pd design schechule back at Jay services division based in the United Ste T, COnstruction, and operation Florida based global sales divisions, an engineerin rews is the project manager for Major owned construction company MDC offea Gordon Rivers, the city manager of Saratoga pitched the services Design Corporation (MDC). The city of Saratoga se- consulting lected MDC for this project. As project manager, it is Jay s responsibility tAs project manager,it is Jays across the project life cycle fo tion, energy, and facility resources MDC was selected by the city of Saratoga to responsibility to assemble the technical team necessary to transport complete the project, develop and track the budget, es- tablish and maintain the schedule, allocate resources as anew. 10-million-gallon-per-day surface water int- required, and manage the project until completion. from aca ys waste transmission main. The intake withdraws water fm We need the intake and transmission main nal and pumps it more than two miles to the citis designed, bid, and completed in 35 weeks. The city of water treatment plant. There, the canal water is bl Saratoga has a future $2 million dollar federal grant rid-with reclaimed water (ie, treated sewage water) and ing on the project getting done on time, Mr Rivers said. tributed back to customers for irrigation p Jay nodded in agreement. Mr. Rivers continued by say- project is g. Jay, the project needs to come in on schedule and because the water source is not a historically used within the budget. Now take this schedule hack and fig The project will increas ure out how we are going to do it. urposes Th touted as an alternative water supph y pruet the long-term sustainability of portfolio and recyele water. The project will also min the city because it will diversify the citys water Background Major Design Corporation is a mize the need for additional withdrawals from historie 3,500-employee firm with annual revenues of more than water sources, which have become less productive and $1 billion. The finn is divided into five geographically more highly reguiated in the past 10 years, as the cihj 392 PART THREE Managing Operations and Supply Chains

Answer the first question and also the following. 2 pages maximum

2) Determine the best way to crash the project to complete it in 35 weeks with revised activity slack times, critical paths, and total project costs. Provide reasoning as to how all crashing decisions were made.

3) Activity times with the greatest uncertainty are activities D,E, and H. Describe conceptually how you could model this uncertainty in activity times. ( you do not need to have the necessary data to actually do this numerically.

4) What are your final recomendations