7 answers need paraphrase​ – coursefighter.com

7 answers need paraphrase​ – coursefighter.com

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Please answer these 7 questions

I attached 3 of my classmate answers you juts need to do paraphrase

1) Carey blames the current student-loan problem on years of “greed, inattention, and failed policy” (para. 1). Is he right to assume his readers will agree with him, or should he have provided evidence to support this statement? Explain.

2) In paragraph 2, Carey says that income-contingent loans would end “forever” all student-loan defaults. After reading Carey’s explanation, how would you define income-contingent loans?

3) What evidence does Carey present to support his proposal? If income-contingent loans are such a good idea, why hasn’t the government tried them before?

4) What kind of appeal does Carey make in paragraph 7? In your opinion, how effective is this appeal?

5) Where does Carey address arguments against his proposal? List these arguments. Which argument do you think presents the most effective challenge to Carey’s position? Why?

6) In paragraph 16, Carey calls the student-loan system “an out-of-control monster tearing at the fabric of civil society.” In paragraph 18, he says, “The students at the barricades are right to be angry.” Do you think he is exaggerating, or is this strong language justified?

7) In paragraph 17, Carey lists problems that income-contingent loans will not solve. Does this paragraph undercut (or even contradict) his statement in paragraph 2 that income-contingent loans would end student-loan defaults? Explain.