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3 Parts Mangement – coursefighter.com

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Part 1:

Review the difference between a long-range and short-range plan.

Provide an example in a total of 2 to 4 sentences of when each type of plan would be used (as explained in the section on What Types of Plans managers use).

Part 2:

Review the three types of controls that are used by managers (feedforward, concurrent, and feedback).

Provide an example in a total of 2 to 4 sentences (for each type) of when each type of control would be used. Please use APA formatting and be sure to include appropriate APA formatted citations for direct quotes and paraphrased material you may include.

Part 3:

Create an action plan to help you become a successful manager. In your plan, explore, examine, and determine the four functions of management skills that are necessary for you to become a successful manager.

Use the “Management Action Plan Template” to complete your assignment and insure that it is at least 700 – 1050 words in length. The more thorough you are in this area the better it can demonstrate good understanding of the material and its application.