250 word paper and 5 page powerpoint paper- COURSE FIGHTER | coursefighter.com

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250 word paper and 5 page powerpoint paper- COURSE FIGHTER | coursefighter.com

Most marketing professionals have a written plan that contains a description of the marketing environment, an outline of marketing strategy, and marketing objectives. A marketing plan starts with a well-defined mission and strategy. The key to a marketing plan is found in this chapter subtitle: Linking Your Strategy and Program. The end result of this process is the ability to implement marketing activities. These activities are designed to help enable the organization to achieve its goals and objectives. The plan identifies who will be responsible for carrying out each part of the overall marketing strategy, and helps to determine the size of the market to reach.

This assignment consists of two parts: A written paper and a 5-slide Powerpoint presentation complete with graphics and author’s notes.

First, in a minimum of 250 words (excluding the title and reference pages), in APA Format with at least three references

1. select one of these “new” products and describe how you would use a Marketing program to market it.

Select one of the following ” brand new” products: breakfast cereal, sunglasses, nail polish, video game, smoothie machine, soft drink, rug cleaning service, appliance repair service, online guitar lessons.

    1. Pick one of these products and describe it? (Product)
    2. How much does it cost and why did you select that price? (Price)
    3. Where would the product be sold? (Place)
    4. How would you tell people about your product? (Promotion)
    5. Customer Service is an important part of marketing any product, who can customers talk with? Describe your plan. (People)

2. Why would a Company need a marketing program for their products?

Then, create a 5-slide PowerPoint with graphics and author’s notes that illustrate each of the 5 P’s of the Marketing Mix using your selected product. APA style with 150 words in notes section of each slide