2023 write an answer based on this assignment use at least 2 references do not use the

Nursing 2023 Answer To Essay-200 Words Minimum (YRP)

2023 write an answer based on this assignment use at least 2 references do not use the – Course Fighter

write an answer based on this assignment. use at least 2 references. do not use the same that appears here. 

People and the Process of Change

Changing from a route I am used to would imply leaving earlier for class. This is one of the changes I would make. Leaving early would assist in dealing with any unexpected distance of the new route. I believe changing the route I am used to would bring about resistance to stick to the route, especially if it is a longer route. Personal needs would arise when sticking to the new route. Personal needs would relate to gaining trust based on safety and security (Weiss & Tappen, 2015). I would resist following the new route, where I do not believe in assured safety and security. Unlike the normal route used I was used to; the new route would take time as I adapt. The process follows freezing, changing, and unfreezing. The freezing would happen when I decide to change to a new route. The change would happen during the use of the route as I familiarize myself with the path. Gaining familiarity assists in building trust in using the route. One of the large changes would involve adjusting the time I leave for the class to ensure I am not late. The second large change is trusting in the route. The change aligns with the personal need that humans look for during stability. I would seek to adapt to having faith in the route I would be comfortable taking.

Stability would also imply emotional stability. Emotional stability means having the full trust of security and safety (Weiss & Tappen, 2015). Small changes include seeing different environments and different people using the route. I would meet different people using the new route. Other people would be using the route, which would imply meeting different people. Hence, continuous use of the route would prompt meeting failure faces. Meeting familiar faces becomes the unfreezing part as the route becomes my norm. The more familiar the route becomes, the more I will use the path. Also, the more different people become familiar to me, the more I will trust the route. This falls under attaining stability and having the assurance that the route will not have me lost. Unless I am familiar with the route to get to my destination fast, I may not change during the final exam day. During exams, individuals are required to arrive early. Hence, not being familiar with the route would mean I may get late.

The only way to avoid lateness is by using a route that gets me to the exam room on time. Therefore, trusting the route and attaining emotional stability is vital on the final exam day. This will only happen if I am assured that I will not get lost as I use the route. The change to another route during the final day of the exam is a micro or small change. Using the new route is a small change because the effect of the change is on me. No one else is affected by the change. One of the positive impacts of changes is learning (Otken & Beser, 2017). I would learn about a new environment. My mind would become familiar with solving the way I will get to class on time. Hence, the small change would allow me to change from my comfort zone to attain new ideas regarding a different environment. Concerning nursing staff adhering to an administrator making a minor change, learning is the linking factor and an advantage. Change of route and adapting to minor change for nursing promotes learning to come in terms with new ideas.

One negative effect of the change is restructuring from the norm. The restructuring would require leaving earlier to get to the exam room on time. For the nursing staff, losing power and experiencing a downgrade in a position are negative impacts. Weiss & Tappen (2015) implies that restructuring causes altering certain norms for employees such as salary cuts, downgrade in a position, loss of benefits, job loss, or relocation to another department. Having a negative impact of change creates resistance to change (Imran et al., 2016). The resistance makes nurses seek a way of protecting interests as a team. Resisting to using the path and resistance by nurses to adherence to the change creates a negative impact because one must unlearn the old methods and adopt new methods. The new methods create a delay in how one will do what is expected. Arriving in class on time is resisted when I am forced to leave early than usual. Altering my time of going to class implies I change or drop a certain activity I am used to doing before going to class. For instance, instead of waking early to read, circumstances may force me to wake up early to prepare and leave early. For nurses, a minor change may cause a slower rate in meeting the patients’ needs. Slowness comes about during the learning process from freezing, change, and unfreezing.

A change that has occurred in my life is losing my grandmother. My grandmother died due to cancer. The loss took place when I was a child. My initial reaction to the loss was anger since I did not understand that my grandmother would leave without saying goodbye. The explanation I received is my grandmother had traveled to the sky to become a star that shines over us. Coming into terms with the betrayal of being left by my traveling grandmother was not easy. I would miss her, and I did not know how to tell her. If I knew that my grandmother died because of a brain tumor, I would have reacted differently. I would have forgiven my grandmother for leaving without any goodbyes. Knowing what death is as a child meant understanding that not everyone would be in my life for long. Having more information about death would empower me to understand that death happens in uncertain and unexpected ways. Applying Lewin’s change model means using basic elements of freeze, change, and unfreeze (Weiss & Tappen, 2015). Freezing is when I became aware of what happened to my grandmother. Learning about death made me realize that people leave and go to be with God. The change was when I learned that death is a process of life and must occur. Lastly, I went through the unfreezing process of becoming aware death is a common occurrence. The next time I lost a relative, I did not feel betrayed by the relative going without saying goodbye. I learned that a person might die when I am not close to them. Hence, no goodbyes will occur.


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