2023 Write a journal entry of 750 1 500 words on the subject of authority including the

Nursing 2023 NUR-674-D5J2

2023 Write a journal entry of 750 1 500 words on the subject of authority including the – Course Fighter


Write a journal entry of 750-1,500 words on the subject of authority, including the following:


Servant Leadership From a Christian Perspective: The Issue of Authority

  1. Practicum Activities Reflection: Provide observations and thoughts on the activities in your practicum setting during Topics 3-4.
  2. Application of Leadership: Explain your place of influence in your professional life.
  3. Practicum Project Preparation: Describe the goals you have set for your practicum project. 
  4. Leadership Video Reflection: Reflect on at least two things you learned from the “Servant Leadership – Issue of Authority” video.

Use the “Leadership Journal Template” to complete this assignment.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected. 

Additional Notes:

Topic 3 objectives was on: 


  1. Explain the purpose of conducting an organizational needs assessment.
  2. Identify tools used for conducting a needs assessment.
  3. Describe methods to perform a needs assessment.

 Topic 4 objectives was on:

  1. Compare power and authority from secular and biblical perspectives.
  2. Compare the issue of authority in the servant leadership paradigm to the secular view of power.
  3. Align project goals with organizational needs.

My practicum project is on:Concept-based and evidence based learning strategies in creating nurse leaders.   

I am mentoring with The Director of the Emergency room
The paper must be done on the attach template Please Identify each question being asked.

Please remember I am a nurse in the emergency room at a hospital.  I am working with the director of the emergency room

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