2023 Week 3 Assignment Database Searching Synonyms and Booleans for the Mathematical Analytical Perspective

Nursing 2023 TOPIC: Type 2 Diabetes in children and young adults

2023 Week 3 Assignment Database Searching Synonyms and Booleans for the Mathematical Analytical Perspective – Course Fighter

  1. Week 3 Assignment: Database Searching, Synonyms, and Booleans for the Mathematical/Analytical Perspective of Inquiry (Weekly Written Assignment)
  2. This assignment on database searching will help you prepare for your first perspectives paper. It is recommended that you complete this assignment first. This assignment will help you refine your database search based on your research questions for the mathematical/analytical perspective of inquiry. (You are not required to complete this document for the scientific perspective of inquiry, but you may choose to do so for your own purposes.)
  3. Week 3 Assignment: Scientific and Mathematical/Analytical Perspectives of Inquiry Paper
  4. Compose a focused paper that explains and describes your healthcare issue/topic from the scientific and mathematical/analytical perspectives of inquiry. (You will cover two perspectives in one paper.)
  5. Address your general topic by forming and answering two levels of research questions for each inquiry.
  6. Choose a “Level 1 Research Question/Writing Prompt” from both of the lists below to answer in the paper.
  7. Compose a “Level 2 Research Question/Writing Prompt” for each kind of inquiry that provides detail, specificity, and focus to your inquiry, research, and writing.
  8. State your research questions in the introduction of your paper.
  9. Answer each research question and support your assertions with evidence (research) to form the body of your paper.
  10. In the conclusion of the paper, briefly review the issues, research questions, answers, and insights.
  11. Level 1 Research Questions/Writing Prompts
    SCIENTIFIC Perspective of Inquiry
    What are the anatomical, physiological, pathological, or epidemiological issues?
    Which body systems are affected?
    What happens at the cellular or genetic level?
    Which chemical or biological issues are most important?
    Level 1 Research Questions/Writing Prompts
    MATHEMATICAL/ANALYTICAL Perspective of Inquiry
    What are the economic issues involved?
    Which economic theories or approaches best explain the issue?
    What are the statistical facts related to the issue?
    Which statistical processes used to study the issue provide for the best explanation or understanding?
  12. Your paper must be five pages in length and reference four to six scholarly, peer-reviewed resources. Be sure to follow current APA Style (e.g., spacing, font, headers, titles, abstracts, page numbering).
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