2023 These are 2 separate Works At least 2 pages for each of them Doctorate level writing Please provide at

Nursing 2023 1. Prevention Interventions To Address The Opioid Crisis. 2. Leading Emergency Preparedness And Management

2023 These are 2 separate Works At least 2 pages for each of them Doctorate level writing Please provide at – Course Fighter

These are 2 separate Works. At least 2 pages for each of them. Doctorate level writing. 

Please provide at least 2 references for each of them. References must NOT be more than 5 years old (so from 2015 to present).

Wk 4

Prevention Interventions to Address the Opioid Crisis

The alarming opioid crisis, with its staggering death rates, is affecting the life expectancy rates of Americans. Select one of the populations on the map and address the following:

· Compare the opioid-related overdose death rates of the selected population to national opioid-related overdose death rates.

· Identify one primary, one secondary, and one tertiary prevention intervention to reduce the misuse of opioids in the selected population.

· Describe one evidence-based strategy to address provider opioid prescription rates.

· Identify the stakeholders charged with addressing the opioid crisis in your community.

· Share your professional experience related to the topic.


Supplemental reading

Colditz, G. A., Philpott, S. E., & Hankinson, S. E. (2016). The impact of the nurses’ health study on population health: Prevention, translation, and control. (Links to an external site.) American Journal of Public Health, 106(9), 1540-1545. https://doi.org/10.2105/AJPH.2016.303343 (Links to an external site.)

Petersen, R., Rushing, J., Nelson, S., & Rhyne, S. (2016). Improving population health by incorporating chronic disease and injury prevention into value-based care models (Links to an external site.). North Carolina Medical Journal, 77(4), 257-260. https://doi.org/10.18043/ncm.77.4.257

Week 6 Discussion:

Leading Emergency Preparedness and Management

The rate of disasters and emergencies is on the rise across the United States and world (Hoeppe, 2016). As a DNP scholar, organizations and communities will require your expertise in times of crisis. Consider your role in leading emergency preparedness and management and address the following.

Describe one evidence-based strategy for leading emergency preparedness.

Identify one evidence-based strategy for shaping healthcare system outcomes in disaster.

Examine the disaster risks for your local community (Houston Texas). Identify two priority concerns. Describe the significance of these issues of concern.

Identify one professional organization active in emergency preparedness or disaster response. Describe the services provided.

Supplemental reading:

Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR). (2015, January). NIMS implementation for healthcare organizations guidance (Links to an external site.).  (Links to an external site.)

Bevc, C. A., Simon, M. C., Montoya, T. A., & Horney, J. A. (2014). Institutional facilitators and barriers to local public health preparedness planning for vulnerable and at-risk populations. (Links to an external site.) Public Health Reports, 129 (Supplement). 35-41. https://doi.org/10.1177/00333549141296S406

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