2023 The following post is from another student Please react adding other extra imformation

Nursing 2023 Ethica And Legal Aspects Of Nursing Practice DQ 5 Week 3 Jany Hernandez

2023 The following post is from another student Please react adding other extra imformation – Course Fighter


The following post is from another student. Please react adding other extra imformation relate to the post. 

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  1. Three general approaches recommended American Nurse Association (ANA) to maintain sufficient staffing is to have mandatory staffing committees in hospitals which would analyze the needs of the patients as well as how many admissions, discharges and transfers there are in accordance to the skills and experience that each staff member holds. Then there is specific nurse to patient rations that are required in regulations towards the hospital. The third approach is to have the hospitals disclose how much staffing is used and placed to the public.
  2. There are not many peer-reviewed articles relating to the nurse to patient ratio, however the studies that have been performed cannot positively correlate patient outcomes to the nurse to patient ratio. Some say that having the proper nurse to patient ratios do help the patient outcomes, but this varies according to staffing experience which is not always on the same level. More importantly experts believe that communication among the entire staff lead to better results because while nurse to patient ratios are important, they can cause unwanted effects.
  3. Mandatory nurse to patient ratios are considered to be useful by critics however, the skills of the staff must be on par with the staffing level in order to be effective. In addition, hospitals do not receive more reimbursement for patient care when they are expected to increase their staff numbers. In accordance it supposed that a different approach to the nurse to patient ratio is taken because it would not only assist with patient outcomes built it would assist with the hospital issue of reimbursement for patient care.


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