2023 Task 1 1 200 words Provide a brief overview of the concept of food desert as it

Nursing 2023 1500 Words — Due In 24 Hrs From Now. Community And Public Health Intervention Program Using The Concept Of Food Desert And The Novel “The Hate You Give”.

2023 Task 1 1 200 words Provide a brief overview of the concept of food desert as it – Course Fighter

Task 1.

1. 200 words – Provide a brief overview of the concept of food desert as it relates to urban community. What impact does food desert and access to healthy foods have on population health, within urban communities?  

2. 200 words – Consider the character Nurse Lisa in the book “The Hate You Give”. Consider how the concept of food desert affect her and her family? For example, as a nurse within an underserved urban community her role is to advocate for the health and wellbeing of her clients and community members. What methods/ education can she provide to her clients to increase their access to health good choice when there is limited supplies? 

3. 200 words – Consider the novel “The Hate You Give” relate the novel and it setting to the concept of food desert. 

4. 100 words – How would a community health nurse or public health official address the issue of food desert? 

5. 100 words – What key stakeholders within the community would the official speak to and coordinate with to resolve this problem?

6. 100 words – Provide at least 3 community programs (interventions) that could be established to resolve the problem of food desert? 

7. 200 words – How would you coordinate these interventions? What is the most important aspect of the program intervention? Consider (funding, needs assessment, policy developments etc.)?

Task 2. 

1. 200 words- What are the determinants of health? How does the determinants of health impact health outcome within underserved urban communities?

2. 200 words- Of the many detriments of health which do you think is the most impactful and why? how does the determinants of health relate to the book “The Hate You Give”? provide example? 

Respond to the questions above in APA 7th format.

Each question MUST have subheadings.

Provide at least 7 scholarly resources including the book “The Hate You Give” and the attached textbook. 

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