2023 Room 3 5yo Remy is brought to the clinic by his father Raphael Regis for a sore throat

Nursing 2023 Assesse Sixo

2023 Room 3 5yo Remy is brought to the clinic by his father Raphael Regis for a sore throat – Course Fighter


Room 3: 5yo Remy is brought to the clinic by his father Raphael Regis for a sore throat

Chief complaint (CC): Sore throat

HPI: Patient presents to clinic accompanied by father Raphael Regis with complaints of sore throat for 5 days. His father states Remy has experienced poor appetite where eating makes pain worse however drinking liquids is not as painful. Pain 5/10. Father reports Remy takes longer naps during day, reports a headache, abdominal pain, feeling tired, not playful, and fever today 100.1. Remy has not complained of chills, vomiting, or diarrhea. Last week Remy’s daycare report 3 children sent home with sore throat and later was informed positive for Strep throat. 

Children 5-13 is often common age range for streptococcal pharyngitis. However, strep can occur at any age. Common symptoms associated with pharyngitis (i.e., sore throat) are: nausea, headache, abdominal pain, fever, cough, rhinorrhea. However, one way to differentiate strep throat from other common upper respiratory infections is usually rhinorrhea and cough do not occur in strep throat (Polisky, Nichols, & Uzelac, 2005)

General: 5y.o male appears his age, alert oriented and cooperative, no distress
Vitals: T: 100.5; B/P 118/78; P 100; R 22


Read the chief complaint  above and review any information already shared by above to build on the identified patient case. Identify one additional unique health history or subjective symptom as well as one objective exam finding. Provide scholarly support to discuss the physical assessment technique used to identify the objective finding and compare and contrast characteristics of normal and abnormal findings. Each student will copy and paste the most recent developing case to build upon their initial post. Please do not copy the scholarly support. See Example.

Post should  include evidence of review of the course material, websites, and literature through proper citations using APA format

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