2023 Research Report i will discuss biktarvy how it s used as a preventative drug Bibliography

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2023 Research Report i will discuss biktarvy how it s used as a preventative drug Bibliography – Course Fighter

 Research Report i will discuss biktarvy how it’s used as a preventative drug Bibliography Guidelines for the use of antiretroviral agens in adults and adolescents living with HIV. Rockville (MD): AIDSinfo; 2018 May 30: https://aidsinfo.nih.gov/guidelines/html/1/adult-and-adolescent-arv/0. Accessed 2018 Jul 30. Department of Health and Human Services Adults and Adolescents Antiretroviral Guidelines Panel* Classifies a Fixed-Dose Combination Product of Bictegravir/Tenofovir Alafenamide/Emtricitabine as One of the Recommended Initial Regimens for Most People with HIV. Rockville (MD): AIDSinfo; 2018 Mar 27: https://aidsinfo.nih.gov/news/2044/adult-arv-panel-classifies-bic-taf-ftc-as-recommended-initial-r egimen-for-hiv. Accessed 2018 Jul 31. Important facts healthcare professionals 2020 Gilead Sciences, Inc. All rights reserved. BVYC0236 05/20 https://www.biktarvy.com (More sources can be used ) REQUIREMENTS: Your essay must cite at least 3 sources (all independent: none from the class reading list). — No Wikipedia or general encyclopedias (on-line or print) — Try to find articles designed for the general reader, as opposed to articles in professional medical journals. –Be sure to consistently (in every paragraph) document your sources (APA Style) as we have learned to do throughout our work during the semester. –All sources must be listed on the References page according to standard APA guidelines. –Note the proper formatting for direct quotations in your text. –Paraphrase and quote accurately. All drafts will be screened for plagiarism. Plagiarism on this project will result in your failing this course (as noted on the syllabus). Be especially scrupulous in using Internet sources. Websites offering ready-made research papers are absolutely off-limits; using them in any manner will be considered plagiarism. –You may be required to submit links to your source materials. –Use the Model Research Essay, “Are Organic Foods Healthier Than Conventional” (on Canvas/Files) as a model to your writing, documentation, and formatting. THE COMPLETED PROJECT: The final draft is expected to display writing skills worthy of a second-semester college student, including competence with APA style of documentation and formatting. (For a guide to APA Style, see your handbook or a website such as the Purdue Owl). The finished essay should be 4-5 pages of text, not including the References pag 

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