2023 Reply to this discussion post site sources if applicable For my capstone project I will

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2023 Reply to this discussion post site sources if applicable For my capstone project I will – Course Fighter

Reply to this discussion post (site sources if applicable)

For my capstone project, I will be implementing a sepsis handoff communication tool to help increase patient outcomes and decreased mortality. In my facility, we have a mortality rate of 11.2% and a compliance of only 52-58% with our sepsis protocol, which is believed to be due to poor communication. One internal method of disseminating my evidence-based change proposal can be by putting tri-fold posters in each break room for staff members to read when they have a time, whether changing or eating their meals. Here nurses and physicians will be able to see the reasoning why change is needed, background statistics and what the tool entails. It is important that this group understands the evidence-based change proposal because nurses and physicians are the two main healthcare professionals that play a role in sepsis care. Nurses and physicians work together to implement interventions and treatments to fight a septic infection. They are the one’s who will be using this sepsis tool in hopes of improving communication.

Like all aspects of nursing, sepsis is a dignosis that is rapidly changing as the years go on. Evidence-based practice (EBP) is constantly changing how we do things in our daily practice. As healthcare professionals, we rely on data from other facilities to implement new changes in our facility. The same goes from us. Data that we find can get put together in a research journal that other hospitals can use. If this quality initiative is proven to be effective in promoting communication through a sepsis handoff tool, other facilities may begin to implement this tool and save more lives. 

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