2023 Read the Case Study A Study of the Nursing Situation on pages 304 305

Nursing 2023 Case Study Reply.

2023 Read the Case Study A Study of the Nursing Situation on pages 304 305 – Course Fighter


Read the Case Study, A Study of the Nursing Situation, on pages 304-305 SEE ATTACHEMENT 

Complete the Critical Thinking Activities related to the case study – Questions 1 through 5

Critical thinking activities.

The book being use is, Nursing theory and their work by Martha Raile Alligood pages 304 and 305 see attachment.

Find a comfortable space in which to pause, recall, and reflect. Close your eyes and dwell upon the meanings and the caring that took place within the nursing situation; then fully engage in the moment and in the meanings that emerge as you consider these questions:

1. How is the student nurse expressing caring in her responses to calls for nursing from Diane? From her father? Describe the calls for caring perceived by the student nurse.

2. How is the father expressing his caring in the nursing situation?

3. Place yourself in the shoes of the nurse, and describe the mutuality of living and growing in caring. What difference did caring nursing make in this nursing situation?

4. Describe the nurturing of the nurse mentor. What calls for nursing did she perceive from the student nurse?

5. Record your own story of caring in a journal, and reflect on your intention in that nursing situation. Review the story from time to time to see how you have grown in your caring.

Feel free to make the answer question 5 from a perspective of a psychiatric nurse or substance abuse nurse.

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