2023 Please react tho the following student post Due tomorrow september 6 Vivian Guillen

Nursing 2023 Community Nursing DQ 1 Student Repply Vivian Guillen

2023 Please react tho the following student post Due tomorrow september 6 Vivian Guillen – Course Fighter

 Please react tho the following student post. Due tomorrow september 6 . 

Vivian Guillen

Professor Lisys Camacho, ANP-BC, PMHNP-BC, MSN, RN

NUR4636 Community Nursing

August 2, 2020


Public health nursing started in the Country as well as North Carolina with the very first registered nurses that provided nursing services on the “poor sick” at home. These nursing staff provided care to people who needed it, no matter monetary compensation. They were frequently the sole health professionals readily available to people that are poor and the families of theirs (DeMarco, & Healey-Walsh, 2020). These first public health nursing staff have been bold and concerned females whose dedication to the individuals they went to was challenged on a regular basis by the vast issues they faced as well as the interpersonal barriers of a culture which had very little regard for females which operated outside of the established roles of their family and class.

In 1893, Lillian Wald started the Henry Street Nursing Settlement in New York.As Henry Street nurses, taught with clinic nursing, took his skills and knowledge from neighborhoods and homes in New York ‘s immigrant and poor communities. In the beginning, public health nursing staff had been mainly taking care of the poor in the homes of theirs. Lillian Wald and also the henry Street nurses determined that the condition found at home was usually associated with the problems of modern society as an entire. Nurses at Henry Street Settlement have started leading the efforts of theirs to enhance sanitation, education and nutrition (DeMarco, & Healey-Walsh, 2020). The concentrate on disease avoidance as well as wellness promotion has had with the nation in its entirety along with an innovative dimension of nursing exercise – public health nursing – has emerged.

Public health nursing started in North Carolina as benevolent societies, civic organizations, along with groups of public people hired to go to the sick poor in the communities of theirs. Based on Mary Lewis Wyche, in the book of her The History of Nursing in North Carolina, Amelia Lawrason was the initial public health nurse to perform in North Carolina. Born on January twenty, 1874 in Fayetteville, she graduated from a nursing college in Washington DC in 1902 (or maybe 1903) (Schoon, Porta, & Schaffer, 2018). She went to Wilmington to take care of the grandmother of her and was employed in the autumn of 1904 by the King’s Daughters Circle, a benevolent ecumenical Christian business, to offer home care to the bad ill of Wilmington. Following the marriage of her in 1906, WIlmington was left by her and died in Van Couver, British Columbia, Canada, on August nineteen, 1946 (Schoon, Porta, & Schaffer, 2018).

Sticking to the leadership of municipal as well as municipal governments, the NC State Government started taking part in public health nursing in 1919.In that season, 2 public health nursing funding plans have been released. The very first was on nutritious nursing of schools. 6 school nurses have been employed by the Nc State Department of Public Health to evaluate school age kids throughout the state for growth, dental condition, infections, especially adenoids and tonsils, and also to search for many other less popular issues (Schoon, Porta, & Schaffer, 2018). Nurses inspected every single kid in grades one to six at three year intervals. 


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