2023 Part 1 You are the community nurse working for a disability program that focuses on

Nursing 2023 Community Nursing Discussion Minimum 250 And.3 References For Part 1, Minimum 150 Words And 2 References For Part 2 And Part 3

2023 Part 1 You are the community nurse working for a disability program that focuses on – Course Fighter

Part #1:

You are the community nurse working for a disability program that focuses on persons with physical disabilities including use of assistive devices, oxygen, and complex medication regimes.  The organization asks you to plan for a disaster like a tornado or hurricane so that the clients can maintain their current plans of care.  What specifics would you need to address including shelters, obtaining needed equipment & medications, and assistive devices?  What resources currently exist in your community for these individuals?  How would you organize the plans and communicate them?  What community partners are needed for success?  How would you evaluate the results?

Part #2:

Read the Application to Practice on page 923. Answer the questions presented in the scenario. Additionally, what specific resources are available here in SWFL or your area of practice for situations like this? How could you access them? What other options are there? How would you enhance resources based on need for telehealth and physical distancing?  What roles can the community health nurse play in caring for elderly in the community?  How would you evaluate the initiatives you undertake for this group of persons?

Discussion #3:

You are sent to a school to fill in for the nurse who is not working because of risk for SARS- COV2 disease. The school hires you on a part-time basis, twice weekly for the school year. You are the only nurse for 800 students ages 5 – 12. The school building is old but well kept. The school administrators are supportive and receptive to new ideas. The school does receive federal funding for childhood nutrition. There is a local hospital clinic that works with the school. With SARS-COV2, students must their lunches and eat in their classrooms. No health-related programs are in place for the school’s faculty and staff. With SARS-COV2 pandemic, you are tasked with developing a program and actions to prevent spread of infections within the school.

Be specific in your answers with concrete examples within your scope of practice and abilities in this position.

  1. Review the Healthy People 2030 objectives for school health and other relevant topics.
  2. Identify and prioritize the top 3 needs of this school within the scope of public health and school nurse practice related to SARS-COV2 prevention and mitigation of spread.
  3. What roles must the school nurse play at this school? Who could be the nurse’s partners and stakeholders in meeting health needs in the school?
  4. What specific recommendations or programs could you recommend from the Community, system and individual/family levels? Examples are but not limited to use of masks, physical distance, barriers, immunizations potentially for this disease and current state mandated plus influenza for students and staff.
  5. How would you evaluate your proposed initiative/ program outcomes?

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