2023 Medicaid or Medicare which program has greater impact in your state To determine

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2023 Medicaid or Medicare which program has greater impact in your state To determine – Course Fighter

Medicaid or Medicare: which program has greater impact in your state?  

           To determine which insurance has greater impact it is important to analysis some aspects associated with these programs (e.g., socio-demographic characteristics of the population covered). Typically, Medicare pays the major portions of medical bills, including hospitalizations and the implementation of this particular program does not result in unbound demand on the part of the recipients for covered services. In addition, it is important to keep in mind the eligible populations of both programs. For instance, Medicare is a federal program that provides health coverage for individuals who are 65+ or under 65 and have a disability, without taking into account their income. Conversely, Medicaid is a state and federal program that provides health coverage if you have a very low income. However, both programs work together to provide health coverage and lower your costs for their recipients (Leonard et al., 2017).

           According to recent data, more than 4.6 million patients are enrolled in Medicare in Florida and about 3.6 million patients in Florida are eligible for Medicaid in Florida, including approximately 235,000 children who are enrolled in the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). In my opinion, Medicare has a greater impact in Florida since this program covers the major portions of medical bills (about 80 %) and the number of people aged 65 or older in this state is higher when compared to other states. According to the results of a recent study performed by the Census Bureaus in 2018, Florida is one of the top three states with the highest percentage of elderly population in United States, in addition Texas and California. Furthermore, we have to keep in mind that patients covered by this program are 65 year-old or older or under 65 with a disability; therefore, the costs of health care are much higher since they suffer from medical chronic conditions and receive healthcare services characterized by high costs (e.g., mental health care, home health services, etc.) (Hu & Mortensen, 2018). 


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