2023 Locate a nursing article from a peer reviewed journal which addresses an area of interest or concern you have The

Nursing 2023 Foundations Of Caring In Nursing Situations

2023 Locate a nursing article from a peer reviewed journal which addresses an area of interest or concern you have The – Course Fighter


Locate a nursing article from a peer-reviewed journal which addresses an area of interest or concern you have.  

The article criteria are as follows:

-Must be from a peer-reviewed NURSING  journal

-Must be published within the last five years (2015 to present)

-You may access the article within one of the FAU online databases, or Google Scholar.

-You will utilize this article as the basis of your APA Scholarly Paper.

-Upload a copy of your article to the Discussion Board titled Library Assignment Articles! Provide an explanation in the discussion as to your rationale for selecting this article.  You must reply to at least two peers regarding their respective articles.

Submit the scholarly paper to the assignment drop box.

1. This paper is to be a reflection on a scholarly article that you found from a peer-reviewed nursing journal. (For guidelines regarding appropriate journals, please refer to the Library and APA resources posted in Unit 1).

The paper needs to meet the following criteria:

  1. Addresses an area of nursing in which you have an interest (pediatric, community, nurse anesthesiology, etc.)
  2. Review the article and determine if a holistic nursing theory grounded in caring science is evident, and if so, how it guides nursing practice.  Answer the following questions:
    1. Does the author identify nursing interventions that are guided by the theory?
    2. Are the nursing interventions holistic and caring?
    3. Why or why not?
    4. If there is no theory identified, you need to recommend a holistic theory grounded in caring science. Include your rationale for choosing this caring science theory.
    5. Identify two nursing interventions based on that theory (if the author has named nursing interventions), are these holistic and caring and could emerge from the theory you have identified?
    6. If the author has not identified nursing interventions or if those interventions presented in the article do not illustrate holism and caring, then you should recommend two nursing interventions). 
  3. Applies Sister Roach’s 6 C’s, Mayeroff’s Caring Ingredients, and/or one theory of caring science to the article review (Examples include Boykin & Schoenhofer’s Nursing as Caring, etc.) OR the student may identify and apply a caring theory that could be applied to the paper with prior approval from the professor. All concepts within your selected theory must be utilized.  EACH concept from your selected theory must be applied.
  4. Provides an article that has been written within the past five years
  5. Adheres to APA 7th edition format throughout. Headers are to be utilized to organize your thoughts and provide guidance to the reader.
  6. Please NOTE: APA/Scholarly papers do NOT support the use of first or second person.  For this assignment, you may use first person only in the first paragraph.  I highly suggest that you do not do this! My suggestion is to remain in the third tense (this author, this writer, an individual, one, a nurse, et cetera) throughout your paper.
  7. Please remember to utilize citations throughout.  Also note that articles and studies do not produce themselves; therefore, there should be no references to an article or study in your paper-only the authors.
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