2023 Instructions Work as a team beginning in Week 2 and compile all of the information included below in your

Nursing 2023 Week 2 Assignment: Team Meeting

2023 Instructions Work as a team beginning in Week 2 and compile all of the information included below in your – Course Fighter


Work as a team, beginning in Week 2 and compile all of the information included below in your own Word document. After doing so, send your completed work to your team leader so that they can upload one document that includes the work of all team members.

Complete the Leader Evaluation Form (linked in the Writing Requirements section below). This form is required by each member of your team. Failing to complete this form can result in a 20% deduction.

Scenario: Your Emergency Room Department has been short staffed for the last quarter. Patient satisfaction scores are dropping at a drastic rate (from a 9 out of 10 to a 6 out of 10). Employee morale is also at an all-time low. The Human Resources department has decided to form teams in the ER. However, there are a lot of varying personalities and some people are worried that their leadership style is not going to “mesh” well with others.

Your team was assembled by the HR director, but the CEO is concerned about the cohesiveness of the groups and is worried some of you may need to be transferred to different departments. Since you all love working in the ER, you need to convince the CEO that you can all work together as part of an effective team. Each team member will need to provide the following information to the team, and then all of this information will need to be compiled into one presentation:

  1. Name, phone number, times available for phone calls, preferred email address.
  2. How your Big Five Personality characteristics make you an effective team member (refer to text).
  3. Describe your leadership type and how you will use these strengths to collaborate with the rest of your team.
  4. Explain how you will navigate personality and leadership style differences as a team.

Writing Requirements (APA format)

  • MS Power Point Format
  • Title Slide: all members’ first and last name, team name
  • 3 slides per person (not including Title and Reference slide)
  • Reference slide
  • Completed Team Evaluation FormPreview the document
    • Each team member should save their file as: LastName_First Initial_Week# and email it to the Team Leader for that week by the team’s deadline.
    • When submitting your Leader Evaluation Form, the Team Leader must submit all forms with the Team Assignment.
    • When submitting the Team Assignment and Leader Evaluation Forms, the Team Leader should do the following:
      • Go to the assignment submission page.
      • Click on “Choose File.” Select the Team Assignment file.
      • Click on +Add Another File.
      • Attach each form individually.
      • After all files (Assignment & Forms) are attached, click “Submit.”
    • Do not submit your Leader Evaluation Form to your professor. It can NOT be accepted via email.

Important Reminders

  1. Teams must choose a different leader for each assignment
  2. ONLY the team leader can upload the team assignment each week
  3. All team members must upload their completed Team Evaluation Forms in the “Files” section in their groups. The folder should be labelled for the appropriate week.
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