2023 Inpatient age 65 on Post surgical unit four eyes skin assessment prevent skin pressure

Nursing 2023 PICOT Question

2023 Inpatient age 65 on Post surgical unit four eyes skin assessment prevent skin pressure – Course Fighter


Inpatient age 65+ on Post-surgical unit, four eyes skin assessment prevent skin pressure compare to no four eyes skin assessment in one week stay?

You will now appraise the three articles which address your clinical topic, summarizing the evidence in evidence tables. The purpose of this assignment is to complete the appropriate appraisal tool for each of your articles and summarize the evidence in the evidence table. 

1 Carefully read the evidence-based articles 

2 Download the appropriate tools (from the list below, based on the type of evidence you are appraising) and complete the tool.

3 Systematic Review Meta-Analysis of Quantitative Studies https://mccn.instructure.com/images/svg-icons/svg_icon_download.svgdownload

4 Randomized Controlled Trial https://mccn.instructure.com/images/svg-icons/svg_icon_download.svgdownload

5 Case Control Study https://mccn.instructure.com/images/svg-icons/svg_icon_download.svgdownload

6 Cohort Study https://mccn.instructure.com/images/svg-icons/svg_icon_download.svgdownload

7 Descriptive Study https://mccn.instructure.com/images/svg-icons/svg_icon_download.svgdownload

8 Qualitative Study https://mccn.instructure.com/images/svg-icons/svg_icon_download.svgdownload

9 Literature Review https://mccn.instructure.com/images/svg-icons/svg_icon_download.svgdownload

10 Expert Opinion https://mccn.instructure.com/images/svg-icons/svg_icon_download.svgdownload

11 Mixed Method Study https://mccn.instructure.com/images/svg-icons/svg_icon_download.svgdownload

12 Quality Improvement Project https://mccn.instructure.com/images/svg-icons/svg_icon_download.svg

13 Once you’ve completed the appraisal tool for each article, summarize your evidence using the Evaluation Table Template 

14 Save the three appraisal tools as PDF documents

15 Save the evidence table as a Microsoft Word document

16 Then submit

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