2023 In this assignment you will have the opportunity to review a reliable and

Nursing 2023 Evidence Based Practice

2023 In this assignment you will have the opportunity to review a reliable and – Course Fighter


In this assignment, you will have the opportunity to review a reliable and valid process for reviewing and evaluating professional practice standards, The framework is the Appraisal of Guidelines for Research and Evaluation (AGREE Tool II).

1. Access the links provided for the AGREE process for evaluating professional practice guidelines. Explore the websites provided: AGREE Information and Resources and UpToDate Database. Review this document to provide background information for you.

2. Review the assessment tool (link provided). AGREE Assessment Tool

Note: the tool you will use to evaluate the required guideline is the AGREE II Tool. Once you access the document in the link, the tool is all the way at the bottom of the document Entitled: AGREE Tool II. You may need to reproduce the tool in a MS Word document or you may develop each domain in a narrative format but be sure to score each domain per the tool. 

3. Access the assessment form via the link provided. Use the tool to evaluate the practice guideline selected. 2013 ACCF/AHA Guideline for the Management of Heart Failure

4. As the AGREE tool is used, it is evident that the guidelines are evidence-based and the evidence to support the guideline is leveled using letters to identify strength of evidence.  Level of evidence guide to accompany AGREE Tool

Just review this document for your information. It is important to know professional guidelines are to be based on current evidence. 

5. Complete each portion of the assessment thoroughly, providing a score on the Likert scale and providing details in the comments section.

6. Once the AGREE assessment has been completed, develop an introductory paragraph discussing the purpose of the guidelines and other information you deem relevant, develop a narrative summary as to the outcomes of the assessment. Integrate the assigned reading for this week into the narrative, paying special attention to the implications for the micro, and macro systems levels’ application. Be sure to include information as to your support of using the tool in the practice setting. 

7. Include a title page and a reference list per current APA format. 

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