2023 Health Problem Solution Proposal CLO 2 3 4 5 The objective of this assignment is to outline

Nursing 2023 Health Problem Solution Proposal CLO 2, 3, 4, 5

2023 Health Problem Solution Proposal CLO 2 3 4 5 The objective of this assignment is to outline – Course Fighter

Health Problem Solution Proposal CLO 2, 3, 4, 5

The objective of this assignment is to outline a health plan proposal addressing a public health problem in your area of interest. “Public health problem” means it affects groups of people. The health problem may be related to a disease or condition, a behavior, various disaster scenarios, a lack of knowledge, etc. Your solution must be reasonable for administration to the appropriate group/s and should be East Asian Medicine-based.

The proposal outline should be 3 pages + a title page and reference page.  In the text, provide a reference (in-text citation) for anything you write that is not your own original thought. Use APA format for the paper and referencesSee the academic integrity section in your course syllabus.
The proposals will be informally presented in class in a roundtable discussion format.

Organize your information into the following sections:

TITLE PAGE: Set up your paper in APA format (see Purdue OWL or PCOM Library Writing and Citing Page for instructions. Use the current (7th) edition of APA. The title should reflect the key topic and area of focus.

introduction: 1-1½ pages
·       What is the problem?  Who is affected and how? Why is it an important problem to address (cite statistics to support your claim)?
·       Discuss the need for a solution. If the problem is not currently being addressed, state this, as well as supporting data. How is the problem currently being addressed? Why is there a need for your solution–what are the deficits/gaps? Include any available research to support your claim.
Methods: 1 pAGE
            This page may be in the form of bullet points, a diagram, flowchart, drawing, etc.  Feel free to be creative!  (if preferred, you may write in paragraph form—page limit remains applicable)
·       What approach will you take? Include details describing your approach.
·       What is the target population? Include age, gender, demographics, state of health, etc. as relevant.
·       What agencies/organizations should be involved and in what way?
·       What outcome measures will you use to assess change? Be specific.
·       What changes do you hope to see? 
·       What are the implications for health prevention or public health policy?
Your reference page must contain a minimum of 7-10 high-quality references.
All references must be in APA format  
See the academic integrity section below for APA referencing style guidance.

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