2023 Conflict Workplace Violence and Negotiation Define conflict and describe the benefits and risks of too much too little conflict in

Nursing 2023 leadership

2023 Conflict Workplace Violence and Negotiation Define conflict and describe the benefits and risks of too much too little conflict in – Course Fighter

  • Conflict, Workplace Violence, and Negotiation
    1. Define conflict and describe the benefits and risks of too much/too little conflict in an organization
    2. What are the commons sources of conflict in an organization?
    3. What types of conflict might a nurse see In a healthcare organization?
    4. What are the stages occurring in conflict resolution?
    5. What are the anticipated conflict resolution outcomes?
    6. Name and define with an example of the 6 common resolution strategies
    7. What are common causes of organizational conflict, as in a healthcare org.?
    8. What are three strategies in conflict resolution that you have tried or can anticipate in your first nursing job?
    9. Define bullying and incivility within the nursing profession (Lateral violence—also workplace violence)
    10. What is negotiation as it relates to concerns in healthcare?
    11. Name negotiating strategies that lead to conflict resolution
    12. What are some destructive tactics that can damage a successful negotiation session?
    13. Name three alternatives to negotiation…how do they work?
    14. Describe the importance of consensus as a conclusion to conflict management
    15. Chapter 24—Performance Appraisal
    16. Describe the performance appraisal process, naming important factors to consider
    17. Describe the factors influencing an effective appraisal—why are these important?
    18. Describe salient strategies for a successful performance appraisal—why is implicit bias such an important criterion to master?
    19. Define the terms associated with errors made in performance appraisals
    20. Describe different types of performance appraisals—which would you prefer and why?
    21. Describe the features of a successful performance appraisal session
    22. Define and describe the management by objectives approach to performance appraisals
    23. How does peer review work for performance appraisals? What are the potential downfalls?
    24. Define strategies for being a successful coach to others
  • Chap 25—Problem Employees: Rule Breakers, Marginal Employees and the Chemically or Psychologically Impaired

    1. What are the “do’s and don’t’s” of Rules in an organization?
    2. Define, compare and contrast “Constructive Discipline” and “Destructive Discipline”
    3. Name the criteria that must be present to make disciple fair and a growthful experience
    4. Define strategies that create an atmosphere of self-discipline, the best approach to well- functioning organizations
    5. Name the four common steps in Progressive Discipline
    6. Describe a successful disciplinary conference for an employee
    7. Describe the main elements in a termination/separation meeting
    8. Define the formal grievance process? When is this most often used?
    9. Define the rights and responsibilities of those involved in the grievance process (be sure to use your ATI reference)
    10. Define and compare the disciplinary process for unionized employees
    11. Chemical impairment—define and provide a profile of a chemically impaired nurse
    12. What are the recommended ways to confront and support a chemically impaired employee?
    13. What are the reentry guidelines for a previously chemically impaired nurse to return to practice?
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