2023 Answer the Discussion Board board questions in paragraph 1 A woman went

Nursing 2023 Discussion

2023 Answer the Discussion Board board questions in paragraph 1 A woman went – Course Fighter

Answer the Discussion Board board questions in paragraph

1.     A woman went to the physician with severe stomach pains. She was examined by a surgeon who, she stated, told her that her spleen was “hanging by a thread” from her collarbone. The surgeon recommended surgery to “build up ligaments” in her spleen. Following the operation, the surgeon informed her husband that it had been necessary to remove the spleen. The pathology report revealed no evidence of any disease in the spleen. The woman and her husband brought a cause of action against the surgeon for fraud. Should the court rule in their favor?

2.     Charles Venner swallowed 24 or 25 balloons of hashish oil in Morocco, flew to New York, passed 5 balloons, went on to Baltimore, and was brought by friends to the emergency room of Sinai Hospital “euphoric, disoriented, and lethargic, but responding to verbal orders.” While under observation, he passed in bedpans the remainder of the balloons, one broken. The hospital staff saved the balloons and turned them over to the Baltimore police without a warrant. Should the police require a search warrant to use the balloons as evidence in a cause of action for possession of an illegal substance with the intent to distribute?

1) Your response should be in depth (3-4 paragraphs for the initial post) to fully develop your answer. Defend your position with concrete examples from the weekly content and real-life cases, if applicable.

2) APA citation is required.

Recommended Resources

These resources provide additional real-life stories about crimes that took place in medical offices:

• Hewlett, M. (2014, June 25). Employee at doctor’s office accused of stealing prescriptions. Winston-Salem Journal. Retrieved from 33Thttp://www.journalnow.com/news/crime/employee-at-doctor-s-office-accused-of-stealing-prescriptions/article_48d3362c-fc9a-11e3-ada7-0017a43b2370.html33T

• Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Central District of California. (2016, August 29). Two doctors faced with federal charges of illegally writing prescriptions for addictive narcotics connected to gang’s drug trafficking. Press release. Retrieved from 33Thttps://www.justice.gov/usao-cdca/pr/two-doctors-face-federal-charges-illegally-writing-prescriptions-addictive-narcotics33T

• Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Central District of California. (2017, April 4). Gresham medical practice manager sentenced to prison for false billing and tax fraud. Press release. Retrieved from 33Thttps://www.justice.gov/usao-or/pr/gresham-medical-practice-manager-sentenced-prison-false-billing-and-tax-fraud33T

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