2023 A This is part 1 of your required term paper In this part you

Nursing 2023 Nursing Termpaper Outline And Class Discussion (APA Format And Zero Plagiarism)

2023 A This is part 1 of your required term paper In this part you – Course Fighter



This is part 1 of your required term paper. In this part, you are to choose a topic as your focus. Choose a topic that will incorporate 3-4 of the concepts discussed within this course (such as ethics, leadership, communication, and quality) and write a short 50 word or less summary of what you plan to address. Then, develop an outline of information that you plan to include (Refer to the Outline Template and Grading Rubric). The provided outline template can be downloaded, and your information inserted into the outline. (see Outline Templates and Grading rubric attached below). Be sure to remove any wording that is not pertinent to your own work. 

Topics to Choose from:

1.Healthy Work Environment; how methods to resolve conflicts in the workplace are developed. How might patient care be affected when conflicts are present among nursing staff?

2. Emergency preparedness and response; how it relates to an emergency health threat such as a bioterrorism incident or the current CPVID-19 pandemic. How might patient care be affected, and policies and procedures changed?

3. Latent Errors: discuss the factors that may lead to latent errors involving nurses. How might patient care be affected?


In this discussion forum, you assigned the responsibility of examining the Self-Care Deficit Theory of Dorothea Orem. Please apply Orem’s theory to the case scenario provided below. In your discussion, include the role of the nurse in providing care to this patient and appropriate interventions to be used to help him meet his needs. Be sure to provide a rationale for your actions/interventions.

Case Scenario:

George is a 70-year-old patient who has been assigned to you as his community-based nurse case manager. George has severe congestive heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, and no family or social support. George had 15 admissions to the hospital and 35 visits to the emergency department this year from noncompliance with his medication and diet regimen. He receives a monthly social security check, which he spends on food, bingo, and medications (in that order)

Please refer to the Discussion Board rubric when writing your post.

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