2023 3 paragraph of at least 4 sentences 2 cited sources not older than

Nursing 2023 Answer To This Discution

2023 3 paragraph of at least 4 sentences 2 cited sources not older than – Course Fighter

 3 paragraph of at least 4 sentences. 2 cited sources not older than 2015

There are many factors a person can consider that young males could hear and help improve overall health. One for example and the most simple one is the use of protection during sex or contraception. Having unsafe sex contributes to the decreased health of women and children, it could be the woman having problems with birth or lack of support necessary to be able to support a newborn baby and the same goes for a baby, they need a lot of time and effort and sometimes unsafe sex leads to unwanted children and so the baby will receive not receive the support or attention needed to be cared for properly. Understanding how important it is to be safe and using protection could help again the decreased health of these groups and would benefit a lot. Something else young males can learn to improve overall health is to understand the negative effects of drugs and alcohol use, drug use is something that affects the world and many people aren’t educated on how harmful it can really be. To ask for no use of these harmful drugs is not what I am asking for but instead to educate young males and others to understand what it is they are doing and in educating them on the negatives hopefully they can see how important it is to take care of yourself and those around them and they could lower their usage or even stop entirely if possible to unhealthy addictions. The third and final factor that young males and even most teenagers and adults could address is the lack of physical activity that leads to obesity. Simply exercising a little would help towards fixing some issues and of course not all of them but it is a big step towards working together to achieve the goal of overall health. 

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