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2 responses – coursefighter.com

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There are 8 comments, about:

Give a characteristic of a process oriented organization. Discuss a specific

example of how process governance could make your organization/ industry more process oriented.

I need 2 responses, Each response should has 2 Citations from these articles.you can use both of them or one of them.

-Also, you have to discuss these comments as very well and discuss my ideas in these responses ,my ideas which is in my comment file)in these response.

-you have to make sure the discussion must be deep and logical.

– Each response should take one page-12 Time new Roman

I attached it :

-Students comments ( what you have to choose 2 comments from them).

– Two Articles (to take 2 citations from it)

-my comment (to know my comment and idea )

-Method of distribution of grades