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Answer Week 7 Discussion- I have included my response from week one.

Week 7 Discussion Question

Now that you have learned about the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, reflect on the leadership definition that you created in Module One. Modify your definition utilizing the concepts and strategies you have mastered throughout this course. Focus on the following guidelines:

How has your definition changed?

Why did you make the specific changes?

My Response to Week 1 Discussion

Leadership to me is defined as an individual with qualities that can lead, manage, mentor, teach, motivate, persuasive with a sense of direction of leading others to achieve a common goal. Leaders should have the ability to empower the employee’s which aids in better work production, employee loyalty, and increased profits. When I first started at my organization almost nine years ago, the employees were empowered through leaders within the organization, not so much now.

Leaders need to have the freedom of incorporating team driven and individual results for each employee, along with following proper procedures of the organization helping them to succeed. The organization understands the chosen leaders are both responsible and have authority on required tasks to lead a team, that is why they are the selected leaders. Employees develop a sense of belonging to the organization and feel like they are part of the crucial decisions of the organization when they have a good leader in place. With the leader in place, there is more motivation for creative ideas on how to improve the overall processes of the organization, therefore, increasing the bottom line.

My views about leadership have changed since the beginning of my employment with my organization. When I first started at my current employer, it was refreshing to go to work every and learn from the leaders that were in place. They did not mind you sitting with them to learn something new, or if the team had a deadline, the leader understood everyone’s strengths and weaknesses which allowed us to complete the required task on time. It takes a lot of compromise between the chosen leaders and the employees for the company to run smoothly. Now the individuals at my organization don’t have a clue of what a leader is; they are only there to earn a paycheck.

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